FIVADAY paves the way…

Good health and a winning smile. Everyone wants that and healthy eating is a sure way to get there

It’s simple – eat well and look great. That’s why we developed the FIVADAY range.

The FIVADAY range of deliciously fruity snack bars has been so well received by customers. Customers who have given us such helpful and constructive feedback on how to make these healthy treats even better.

We listened to our customers who said:

  • Make it smaller
  • Add more fruit
  • Lower the calories
  • Create an option for smaller appetites.

So, we …

  • Made it smaller for smaller appetites, such as children and out older customers.
  • Added more fruit to make a great contribution to 5–a-day.
  • Cut the calories per portion making it better for weight management – more taste, with fewer calories.

Simple as ABC!

Our primary business target is to build our future through working closely with you, our valued customers. Our approach is to collaborate and partner with you to develop and innovate until the perfect recipe is found.

We believe that sharing our vast knowledge and experience in this type of speciality baking is the best way to generate the highest profits and most success for all involved.

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Apple & Cinnamon

A tasty blend of fruit and spice


A rich, fruity blend of blueberry, cranberries and sultanas


A tangy mix of orange and lemon zingyness

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A Massive Thank You to Focused Nutrition

We were able to move quickly ourselves, and the outsourced service guys were pretty helpful as well, so all in all the process was painless, fairly priced and good value all round. We now have an extra profit centre in the business, and something to build on later in the year.

—Bespoke bar service client

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