Bespoke Food Manufacturer

Focused Nutrition prides itself on being a bespoke food manufacturer and supplying wholesome, healthy products for people on the move, who are always busy.

We know that each business is different, with different preferences and needs and we respect that your vision is unique to you. We work collaboratively with businesses to make a vision into a reality.

As a leading flapjack manufacturer and other nutritional products we have the experience and knowledge to help your business create a healthy range of snacks. Your expectations are our expectations. We want to take what you’ve envisioned your product to smell like, taste like and look like, from the product itself to the packaging, and create something you’ll be proud to sell.

Focused Nutrition will be there to help guide you through, from an initial discussion with Martin, the Director of the company, to presenting your existing ideas and building upon these. Together we will discuss the aims you have in terms of product, formulation and pricing. To ensure the product is exactly what you’d hoped for we would conduct trials and offer our expertise along the way.

As a company who specialise in creating delicious, nutritious handmade flapjacks, we are of course skilled in our specialised area of baking. Of course once you’ve created the perfect product you will need to get it out there! Focused Nutrition also has technical services available to support you through marketing your new product.

We are keen to work with wholesalers, distributors and retailers – forward thinking businesses – who want to grow their success on a closer relationship with our customer-focused organisation. Likewise if you want to work with a company with expert knowledge in creating unique, delicious products then contact Focused Nutrition today!