Contract manufacturing to give your brand a nutritious competitive edge

Today’s competitive environment is tougher than at any point in history. Across a whole range of markets, there are new entrants joining the fray every week, as the internet age reduces barriers to entry for new business startups. At the same time, consumers are far more knowledgeable about what they want and expect, and they also know that if your business doesn’t meet their expectations, there are plenty of others to choose from.

This is particularly the case in businesses operating in the health, nutrition and wellness sector. To stand still is to fall behind as your competitors are constantly devising and delivering new offerings in a bid to increase their market share.

Engaging with hearts, minds and stomachs

Never underestimate the importance of brand image. At Focused Nutrition we manufacture healthy, wholesome and tasty products for busy, health-conscious consumers. Our contract manufacturing service allows a collaboration that blends our years of experience with your corporate ethos and brand values.

Your marketing team is constantly devising ways to connect with the hearts and minds of your target customers. We all know that the way to a man, woman or child’s heart is through the stomach, and adding a delicious range of carefully branded bespoke snacks to your product offering provides the perfect route.

The ideal partnership

You know your business and your customers better than anyone, so you probably already have a vision of the kind of nutritious snack that would be the perfect fit for your business, whether it is a luxury flapjack that can be enjoyed by those with dietary constraints or a nutritionally-packed protein bar to give athletes a power boost.

As master bakers with years of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to make your vision a reality. We will conduct as many trials as necessary along the way to ensure that the product is exactly what you envisaged. And most important, what we create isn’t just something from our existing range that is rebranded – it will be a truly bespoke product, manufactured to your precise specifications.

Marketing and distribution

Our contract manufacturing services are not just about creating what you ask for and then leaving you to deal with it, however. We have worked with a number of clients, large and small, to help them with the packaging, branding, marketing and distribution of the products we manufacture.

We will help you ensure the packaging meets all regulatory requirements in terms of the information that needs to be displayed, and our technical services experts will then sit down together to create labelling that is in keeping with your brand ethos – your new product has to have your brand “written all over it” both literally and figuratively, and our shared experience will get it right.

At Focused Nutrition we work with a range of wholesalers and distributors, so once we have the perfect product in the ideal packaging, we can even help you to get it out there into the marketplace.

To find out more about contract manufacturing, get in touch!