Focused Nutrition Partners with Ocean Revival 2020

Last month saw Focused Nutrition become a member of the Ocean Revival 500 Club. Ocean Revival is a charitable organisation run by an enthusiastic team of current and former Royal Marines. Having stood shoulder to shoulder in battle as part of 45 Commando, Matt, Ian, Dom and Joel are now taking the fight to one of the biggest threats to human and marine life – the escalating problem of plastic in our oceans.

Ocean Revival works tirelessly to raise awareness of this vitally important topic, and has decided to take on one of the most arduous challenges imaginable. They aim to become the first people to row all the way from New York to London, and Focused Nutrition is proud to support them in their quest.

Rowing the Atlantic

Only 57 people have successfully rowed the Atlantic, and of the 72 team attempts made, 60 percent have ended in failure. Of the 29 that were successful, none attempted to row all the way from New York to London, so this really is a unique challenge that the team will be taking on.

They estimate that the journey will take around 60 days, during which time team members will face a relentless regime of two hours rowing followed by two hours resting. They will be operating in the harshest imaginable conditions, battling heavy weather, huge swells and bitter cold.

Raising awareness

As part of their preparation, the Ocean Revival 2020 team is visiting schools and colleges to raise awareness on a number of subjects. They are drawing on their experience in the Royal Marines to educate and inspire youngsters on a range of topics, not least of which is how our use of resources affects our oceans and ecosystems.

As well as raising awareness on this vital ecological issue, the programme provides an opportunity for people to understand the real role carried out by the Royal Marines as opposed to the image portrayed by the big screen. For example, their role in conservation and peacekeeping is one that is seldom mentioned in the James Bond movies.

Supporting charities

Ocean Revival 2020 is also looking to raise money for two important charities. The Royal Marines Charity helps serving and retired Royal Marines and their families to meet a whole range of challenges, while Plastic Oceans was founded ten years ago to raise awareness of just how serious the plastic pollution crisis could become. A decade on, the rest of the world is finally beginning to cotton on.

Coming to a venue near you

The team has visited a number of locations around the UK over the past month, including several school visits, participation in the eco schools forum and even a visit to the Trafford Centre. Next month, they will be stepping up the training by participating in the three peaks challenge.

Focused Nutrition will be providing the crew with nutritious flapjacks help keep them fuelled up across the mountains, and ultimately in their ocean quest. Take a look at their website for the latest updates.