Welcoming our new apprentice to the Focused Nutrition team

These are challenging times for everyone, and the team at Focused Nutrition has been working hard to adjust to the “new normal” under the current circumstances. It is therefore doubly gratifying to be able to share some good news. 

Having completed her 10-week traineeship, we are excited to welcome Laura as a fully-fledged member of the team under our new apprenticeship scheme. Laura came to us through North Lancs Training Group (NLTG), an award-winning training provider that connects learners with employers through courses, traineeships and apprenticeships.

Introducing Laura

We caught up with Laura for a virtual Q and A to find out more about what brought her to Focused Nutrition.

Why did you choose an apprenticeship?

I had got as far as I wanted to go in the academic environment. What I really wanted was to continue my education doing something practical and hands on.

Why did you choose the food industry?

I love food and baking in particular. The thing about the food industry is that it offers such a variety of career possibilities. The combination of that and doing what I enjoy made it an obvious choice.

What drew you to Focused Nutrition as a business?

The great thing about joining Focused Nutrition is that it gives me a chance to bake! But the bespoke nature of the products made here means it is far more interesting and specialised than working at a bakery or somewhere like that.

What are you looking forward to learning and experiencing?

There is so much to look forward to. Learning a trade is an exciting proposition in itself, and I can’t wait to develop new workplace skills as part of the team. In the longer term, I’m looking forward to developing a career and to adding value to the company to repay the opportunity I’ve been given.

The view from the top

We also took the opportunity to catch up with Neil, the Operations Director at Focused Nutrition, to talk about both the apprenticeship scheme and business in general during these strange and difficult times.

Neil is a big supporter of the learning and apprenticeship programme. He said it acts as the perfect bridge or stepping stone between school and work, and sometimes helps the parents as much as the apprentices!

Neil added that working with organisations like NLTG adds value on a number of fronts.

They go through the initial process of sorting and sifting candidates, which is where their expertise lies, meaning that the business ends up with eager and enthusiastic apprentices like Laura.  The work NLTG does is also of massive value to the local community, as well as to local businesses like Focused Nutrition.

Neil also spoke about operating under the current circumstances. He said: “There’s really no such thing as ‘business as normal.’ At Focused Nutrition, we are accustomed to constant flux and flow, adapting to whatever challenges come our way, and from whatever direction. Right now, like so many others, we are all focused on the best outcome for all. Recent events also highlight the importance of our forthcoming SALSA audit and accreditation, to confirm the safety steps we have in place already.”